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Energy Services

Our Qualifications

Our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is time-tested. ADG has performed energy audits since the early 1980s. Our very first LEED® design project — in Key West, Florida — was completed more than a decade ago.

We continue to follow technological advances and best practices in sustainable design. Our expertise in computer modeling, paired with a comprehensive understanding of integrated building systems, make us leaders in energy-efficient design and LEED® compliance.

Our Scope

Our firm offers sustainable design expertise in the following areas:

  • Energy and water conservation
  • Renewable energy opportunities
  • Daylighting/daylight lighting response systems
  • Indoor air quality system control and monitoring
  • Recycled content materials reuse
  • Air and water emissions control and monitoring
  • Volatile organic compounds and toxic chemicals control/monitoring
  • Construction wastes and processes
  • Infection control 

Our Services

We produce computer models for creation, simulation, calculation, and estimation of energy consumption.

The models we create for annual energy consumption, calculation, and simulation include a proposed design energy model, as well as multiple orientations of a baseline-of-comparison energy model, all of which are required to document energy saving compliance according to LEED® standards to achieve LEED® Energy Credits.